• What is Degpeg?

    Degpeg is a SAAS based Live commerce platform, to enable live multi streaming with ecommerce capabilities, to sell any kind of product/services across on both web and mobile.

  • How do I register and get started?

    Click on “start streaming” and sign up as an Influencer/Advertiser/Publisher with the required details. The Business team shall soon get back to you after internal profile verification.

  • How shall Livestreaming help?

    Engage with your users in real time and upscale your revenue with increased sales. Degpeg offers customised CTAs on the video to make the user experience more engaging.


  • How will I go LIVE?

    As an influencer, you can go live with your own shows on degpeg after successful creation of the show with degpeg content and creative team.

  • How many platforms can I go LIVE at once?

    You can go live on all the social media platforms with degpeg but the number depends on your subscription plan.

  • Can the LIVE sessions be recorded ?

    Yes, degpeg offers the live recording feature but the retention of the video on the platform shall depend on the subscription plan.


  • Can I customize my video while going LIVE ?

    Yes you can customize your video while going Live or you can also take assistance of degpeg studio for exclusive video standards.

  • Can the stream with only audio ?

    Only audio shall NOT be streamed on degpeg. However if an audio is to be streamed in sync with the video for better engagement, the team reserves all rights to decide on the same.

  • Can I switch between landscape and portrait mode ?

    Streaming on the web requires landscape mode video content. Streaming on the app seeks for portrait mode of video content.


  • How will livestreaming change the future of e-commerce?

    When you leverage live streaming commerce you give buyers the opportunity to interact with you in real time, and experience your products in ways that lead to quicker purchase decisions. In other words, it empowers Real-time 2-way communication

    Live commerce opens a new world of possibilities for brands to be able to connect with buyers on an emotional level, instantaneously, to significantly drive sales. Hence live streaming is going to be transformational for e-commerce in 2021 and beyond - and it's time for you to take advantage of the growing trend.

  • What are the components of Degpeg which makes it unique?

    Personalized Dashboard with analytics.

    Buyer Interface with CTAs on the live video.

    Multistreaming feature on all integrated social media platforms.

  • How to produce a successful Livestream with degpeg ?

    Degpeg shall help you produce a successful live show by boosting your revenue, growing your buyers, building brand affinity and boosting brand awareness.

    Creating a sense of exclusivity, running a contest, sharing your brand story, launching a new product, hosting giveaways and collaborating with a brand advocate, influencer or celebrity and streaming complementary content are all great ways to keep target buyers and customers hooked onto your live show.

    You have complete in-house degpeg team support to make the wonders happen !